Ingrown Toenail Surgery


At Waitakere Foot, we have experienced Podiatrists who specialise in treating ingrown toenails, both conservatively and surgically. Ingrown Toenails are one of the most common complaints Podiatrists treat. They can be very painful, and often people are afraid to seek treatment due to fear of surgery. The good news is that many ingrown toenails can be treated without the need for surgery.

Ingrown Toenails can be caused by several issues, including ill-fitting footwear, poor toenail cutting, trauma to the nail, poor foot hygiene due to excess moisture or simply nails with an unusual curve. Here at Waitakere Foot we have Podiatrists who specialise in surgical intervention, who have performed hundreds of surgeries on people of all ages.

Conservative Treatment

Conservative treatment of ingrown toenails involves routine nail cutting to free up the nail edge which is then cleaned and packed. This method generally requires ongoing maintenance depending on the shape of the toenail, and severity and duration of the condition. Your Podiatrist will usually recommend this treatment if it is the first time you have had ingrown toenails, or if it is a mild ingrown toenail.

podiatrist performing ingrown toenail surgerySurgical Intervention

The preferred ingrown toenail surgery technique at Waitakere Foot, is partial nail avulsion done under local anaesthetic. The procedure is carried out by the Podiatrist in any of our clinics, to remove the ingrown part of the nail under local anaesthetic. The surgery leaves no scar on the skin and the remainder of the nail stays in place resulting in a good cosmetic appearance.

If you have a problem ingrown toenail, or just think you are beginning to develop one, contact us to get it checked. We will book you for an Initial Appointment to assess the toenail and discuss which option is better suited for you.

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