Our fees

We don’t publish specific prices for all our treatments online as they vary from time to time, and they usually vary depend on your individual situation (eg. ACC). For more complex or specialised treatments, your podiatrist can give you an indication of the cost at the initial visit.

  • $95 – $125 New Patient
  • $55 ACC Initial

We have a range of payment options (Eftpos/cash, Credit Card, Southern Cross)

For more info on pricing, please contact us to enquire.

Things to know

People visit a Podiatrist for many different reasons, from Sports Podiatry and injuries, to General Nail Care and more. Please find below answers to commonly asked questions:

  • You do NOT need a referral to come and see us. Simply contact us to book an appointment.
  • Appointment duration is typically 20 – 40 minutes long. For ACC appointments, this time varies.
  • Initial appointments are 30 – 40 minutes long and include consultation AND treatment.
  • Payment methods accepted are EFTPOS, Credit Card (excluding AMEX) or Cash
  • Cancellation Policy: Please inform Waitakere Foot at least three hours before the scheduled appointment. Failure to do so may incur a $75 fee.
  • Waitakere Foot are also associated with Southern Cross. Simply bring your membership card and ask our staff to check if Podiatry is covered under your policy.

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Before your appointment

  • If you are coming for General Footcare, don’t feel obligated to soak your feet – but feel free to if you want.
  • If you are coming for Nail Care or PACT Fungal Nail, please remove any nail polish so the Podiatrist can see your nails.
  • If you are coming for Sports Podiatry or Orthotics, please bring the shoes you wear most often. These might include work shoes, children’s school shoes, running shoes or sports boots.
  • If you have been referred by another practitioner, e.g. Physiotherapist, GP or Specialist, please bring your referral with you.


After your appointment

Follow up appointments can be made in the clinic straight after your initial appointment, or you can contact us when you are ready. In some cases, we may need to wait for results, orthotics or funding, so we will contact you – be sure to check your details are up to date.

Contact us for a consultation

For referrers

If you are referring a patient to Waitakere Foot, please ensure they are sent with the appropriate information including reason for referral, ACC45 number, Date of Injury and Read Code if applicable. Referrals can be given to patients to bring to their appointment, or alternatively emailed to referrals@waitakerefoot.co.nz prior to the appointment.