Waitakere Foot visits AirNZ

By Waitakere Foot / 30 July 2021 / Education Footwear General Podiatry Heel Pain News Orthotics

On Tuesday 27th July Waitakere Foot had the pleasure of attending the Air New Zealand Wellbeing Expo! Podiatrists Rikki and Ange, along with admin Alice spent time out of clinics to talk to Air NZ staff about their foot health and address any questions or concerns they had.

Air NZ hosted a wonderful event and it was clear to us that they really cared about their employee’s wellbeing. Many were interested in what podiatry was and as soon as we said we dealt with the lower limb a whole variety of questions came up.

Some key questions that came up were regarding chronic heel pain, ingrown toenails, orthotics and injuries and appropriate footwear. Understandably not everyone was able to make it to the expo, so we have compiled a bunch of key tips regarding maintaining happy and healthy feet in a job which requires their constant use:


Heel Pain:

  • Massage your feet for 1-2 minutes in the morning before taking your first step.
  • Roll a tennis or golf ball under your arch and heel when you are sitting down.
  • Do calf stretches daily.
  • If your pain is persistent, please see us so we can address other factors such as footwear, biomechanical issues and orthotics.

Ingrown Toenails:

  • Ingrown toenails should be seen in a clinic to deem if we can remove the offending nail by cutting it out or a surgery may be required.
  • Don’t cut it out yourself!
  • If your ingrown toenail is showing signs of infection, please get antibiotics from your GP immediately.


  • If you have an injury on your lower limb, we can see you under ACC or privately.
  • If you think you may need orthotics or want to know more about them, make an appointment so a podiatrist can determine whether you may need one or if there are other interventions we can put in place.


  • Look for deep toe boxes and ensure the shoe is wide enough for your foot.
  • A flexible shoe has no support, look for a shoe that does not bend in half, cannot be twisted and has a solid heel counter.
  • If you have any questions about footwear, book in with us so we can recommend shoes based on your foot-type.

Overall, make sure you are washing your feet every day, drying in between your toes and using urea-based cream to moisturise. At least 10% Urea is great and can be found at any pharmacy. At Waitakere foot we stock urea cream and specialized foot cream brand’s such as Gehwol.

A big thank you to AirNZ for having us! We look forward to any future wellbeing events and are always keen to help AirNZ staff with their lower limb questions and concerns.